Tiny Face Appreciation Zone

What's a Tiny Face? 

Tiny Face, aka T, T-face, or Sweet T, is the first cow I (Liz) ever purchased. I gave her the nickname Tiny Face (she’s technically named Dakota) because her head was rather small. She sure was true to her nickname when one day she slipped out of a stanchion by lowering her head! 

How did I get her? Well, one day, my boss had decided to sell her to an auction house up in Greeley because one quarter of her udder wasn’t producing any milk. She also had low milk production in general. I thought that would be a shame because she was a real sweet cow. So, I bought her myself before she could get loaded onto the trailer. I thought, “She’d make a great family cow. She’s gentle, friendly, and won’t drown us in milk.” And she turned out to be the perfect cow for me! Funny enough, on her next lactation all four quarters of her udder were making milk again, which improved her production nicely and made her an even better cow. She never kicks and never gets mean. I’ve got lots of Tiny Face stories that I hope to share with anyone who asks!