Cleaning Protocols

While we are milking using our portable milking machine, our cleaning standards are as follows:

When we are using our milk parlor pipeline, our cleaning standards are as follows:

For Your Consideration:

Our jars are sanitized in a commercial dishwasher with a high temperature rinse of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. That means there’s no need for soap that could change the taste of the milk!

We send our milk out once a month for e. coli and salmonella testing (those tests aren’t safe to run on the farm) and perform coliform and bacterial plate counts at least once a week at our on-farm lab to make sure the milk is safe and that our cleaning system is working as intended. If for some reason we don’t have our on-farm lab available, then we send the milk out monthly for the plate counts and coliform tests. We also occasionally send the milk out for less routine testing for things like listeria, campylobacter, mastitis screening, etc. Those tests are usually done if we add a new cow to the herd.